Winter Shelter for Homeless People opened in Brcko

homeless-centerDepartment of Public Security in the Government of Brcko District and the local Red Cross partially adapted rooms in one building in the city’s duty-free zone for homeless people during the winter, said Secretary of Red Cross Brcko, Denis Sehanovic.

“Space is adapted for homeless people during the cold winter days. We currently have ten beds, but if necessary, we can find more. Based on previous experience, we estimate that in the next two months, five to six poor people will seek refuge here, and it is not excluded that it can be more of them,” said Sehanovic.

Sehanovic said that in the shelter, besides the bed, they also provided warm drink and a meal.

“We have had an internal emergency services which were performed by teams that make up the Red Cross volunteers and employees of the Department of Public Safety, but if necessary we are counting on the involvement of members of the Mountain Rescue Service and some of the organizations that have signed the memorandum of cooperation,” added Sehanovic.

Given that a longer period of non-working days will follow, he noted that the Red Cross is open to receive all information about the people in need of accommodation.

“Citizens can do it by calling the Red Cross Center or 121,” added Sehanovic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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