Winter Markets create a true Holiday Spirit in Sarajevo

Coca-Cola-Sarajevo-Holiday-Market-2011-02-Foto-Dzenat-DrekovicThe capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a true holiday spirit for its citizens and tourists who are spending their holidays precisely there.

Thus, the Holiday Market opened its doors to all generations in one part of the city, while Winter Market opened its doors in another part of the city. In both of them the visitors can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

People of Sarajevo, as well as all those who are spending their holidays in this city, can feel true holiday spirit and magic. The park Hastahana became home to the Holiday Market, where especially the youngest citizens gladly spend their time.

“It is awesome. Everything is done according to European and world standards. This is true refreshment for the city”, “I like the organization and everything else. I am satisfied”, There are so many lights” are just some of the messages from citizens.

Holiday market offers handicrafts, domestic produce, and a cheerful park for the youngest ones. Not far from the Holiday Market there is the Winter Market, located in Ferhadija. It is another attraction for all generations; a colorful oasis that tourist also visit often, and even the Santa Claus cannot hide his thrill.

“We believe that this is one of the great ways to raise our tourism to a higher level. We want to show tourists that Sarajevo is a beautiful city both in summer and in winter. In the summer we have SFF, and we will strive to make this a winter tradition; a winter event that will gather people from all around the world,” said Nađa Čengić, spokeswoman of the Winter Market.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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