Winter is “Late” at Lukomir too: Pay a Visit to it

LukomirUnlike the last three winters when Lukomir was quite empty after its habitants descended with their herds to Tarčin, Hadžići and Vlakovo where they stayed until April, these days there are still four housekeepers left along with their cattle.

“Everyone left their houses and this is the fourth winter that they remain locked from November to April or May.” – said Mujo Masleša, who, during the weekends and holidays, comes to Lukomir with his wife to open the “Summer garden” where the guests can taste some of the traditional Bosnian dishes or have some natural tea.

During the summer, in 15 households at Lukomir there are around 3 000 sheep and cows.

As there is no snow yet, there are four peasants which are still up there with their herds, at 1.495 metres of altitude which makes Lukomir the only inhabited place in B&H above 1.300 metres of altitude.

They will stay in the village, says Masleša, even until New Year if there won’t be snow.

Lukomir is the last authentic Bosnian village with houses covered by shingle which get covered by several layers of thick snow in wintertime.

In the summer, the 22 houses in Lukomir are inhabited. Around 4 000 sheep enjoy the Bjelašnica grasslands.

Mountain and nature lovers, bicyclists and motorists visit Lukomir from spring to late autumn enjoying the view to the Rakitnica canyon. The view spreads all the way to “Mostar doors” and Prenj, Visočica, Krvavac etc.

“Last weekend there were also lots of alpinists and guests in Lukomir because there is still no snow so it’s suitable for walking.” – says Masleša who is very satisfied with this year’s touristic season as well as with the number of local and foreign visitors who came to enjoy this wonderful scenery.

Stećci (tombs) from the 14th and 15th century in the Lukomir area prove that this area was inhabited 600 years ago. In all of the brochures for ethno-tourism you can find Lukomir among top-destinations.

(Source: Novo Vrijeme)


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