Wine Weekend in Sarajevo: The Best Wines and Culinary Specialties from B&H

vinoUnder the Organization of the Fine Wine Company, in Sarajevo 25th and 26th October 2013, as part of the Wine Festival, calledWine Weekend” will host representatives from about 40 manufacturers of renowned wines and gourmet products from the state and region

“Our mission is to elevate the art of drinking wine and enjoying the food at the level that this culture deserves. The festival is an excellent opportunity to educate visitors about the culture of drinking wine, and through presentations of experts we inform visitors with the technique and science of wine-making. This year there are coming talented people in this job, so we will have the opportunity in one place to meet producers and to taste their products”, says Amir Beširević, the director of the company Fine Wines.

“At the Festival is planned even culinary corner, where the local producers will have the opportunity to present their specialties”, he adds.

Beširević points out that this year’s wine festival will be enriched with some interesting programs, such as “Night of the B&H wine“, “Grand tasting red wine” and during the Festival, even a few surprises that will happen for the first time on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The added value of the festival is to promote eminent local caterers. Specifically, after the festival, during both days, the visitors will be invited to continue socializing in eminent Sarajevo restaurants, where wine makers will organize their individual promotions with appropriate content.

(Source: depo.ba)

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