Will Valentin Inzko leave proudly: Last Chance for Redemption

The reason is stronger than politics. That should be the main idea of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH), Valentin Inzko, who will leave this function at the end of the month. A key question remains: Will he help to pass a law banning the denial of the Srebrenica genocide in the next two weeks. It is imposed by reason and it is not worth waiting for politics.

A law banning denial of genocide and glorifying war criminals would resolve many things, and above all, it would bring the necessary peace to society. The constant pouring of salt in the wounds of victims of genocide and other monstrous crimes by glorifying criminals barbarizes society and cements a policy of hatred. It is obvious that the political relations in the country and the position of the Serbian parties do not allow such a law to be passed in the parliamentary benches, as Inzko has been advisingfor years.

He justifies that by the need for the vote on that law to be a reflection of the will of the citizens. And isn’t the majority will of the citizens exactly the existence of such a law. Isn’t that the call of reason? And don’t individuals, more precisely the politics block the adoption of such a law?

How come Valentin Inzko did not get tired of many years of calling on political representatives to pass that law? No progress has been made in that direction. The only reasonable and only logical solution that is imposed is the adoption of a law banning the denial of genocide. The High Representative can do that since he has the authority.

Messages from Europe clearly indicate that it is necessary. German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, recently said that there is no place in the European Union (EU) for countries that glorify war criminals.

“This also applies to BiH. In a country that wants to join the EU, there is no room for nationalist propaganda, for denying war crimes, or for glorifying war criminals,” told Maas.

At the end of last year, Inzko stated publicly that he was fully prepared to impose the law if it was not adopted by July 11th, 2021. Now he has a chance to proudly end his term, to help the mothers of Srebrenica and other families, to whom he has repeatedly said that he admires their courage and perseverance, to get the necessary calm.

Unofficial information says that Inzko decided and that he should announce a law banning denial of genocide when he leaves. Everything else would be up to the prosecutors, Klix.ba writes.


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