In what will the Municipality Novi Grad invest 17.5 million BAM?

Apartments Construction decorinportal.comThe budget of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo for 2017 amounts to 38,175,000 BAM.

Almost half of the budget, 17.442 million BAM will be directed to capital projects. Slightly more than 2.5 million BAM is planned for construction and reconstruction of roads, pedestrian paths, and squares, while for the construction and rehabilitation of water and sewage network secured 1,325,000 BAM, and for the construction and reconstruction of public lighting was secured 280,000 BAM.

For the construction and reconstruction of children’s and sports playgrounds and other sports and recreational facilities, including facilities in the Center “Safet Zajko”, in this year’s budget is planned around 1.5 million BAM.

Incentive programs for agricultural development, which in previous years have shown to be very successful, will be continued. For this purpose has been allocated 219,000 BAM as well as for startup business for which is planned 100.000 BAM.

Also, they will continue to conduct an active policy of support for economic development, agriculture and employment in which will be invested over a million BAM. This primarily refers to incentive businesses in the municipality of Novi Grad through compensation of interest rates, for which have been allocated 400,000 BAM. With funds in the amount of 350,000 BAM will be financed program of retraining workers for occupations in short supply, while for co-financing of employment of apprentices will be amounting to 150,000 BAM.

One million BAM is planned for the implementation of various programs of support to war veterans, and the same resources will be directed for the implementation of the program of support to education, scholarships for successful students, the implementation of ski schools and swimming lessons for students of elementary schools from Novi Grad, and the school of mountaineering is planned as well.


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