When will the first Wind Power Plant in BiH start working?

The WPP Mesihovina, the first wind power plant in BiH and one of the largest wind power plants in the territory of South-Eastern Europe, will start working on Wednesday, March 14.

“This wind power plant is located in the central part of the Municipality of Tomislavgrad, it has 22 wind aggregates and a total installed power of 50.6 MW. Its annual production will amount to 165.17 GWh. With an average household consumption of 6,000 kilowatts per year, WPP Mesihovina will be able to supply about 27,500 households with electricity,” stated Director General of Elektroprivreda HZ HB, Marinko Gilja.

He recalled that Elektroprivreda HZ HB started the project “Analysis of the possibility of using wind power in the production of electricity in BiH” in 2004. They conducted measurements of wind power at ten locations within this project, of which three were selected as a perspective locations, while the priority was given to the WPP Mesihovina.

The total value of the investment amounts to a total of 82 million EUR, of which the largest part, 72 million EUR, refers to a loan from the German State Development Bank (KfW), noted Gilja.

Director Gilja announced the beginning of the construction of the pumping HPP Vrilo, which is also located in the Municipality of Tomislavgrad. The value of this investment is around 90 million EUR, and the foundation stone should be laid this summer.



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