Will Džeko shine in the former Glory in the Shirt of Roma?

dzeko2Preparatory matches in which he scored goals give optimism that the captain of the BiH national team and the player of Roma Edin Džeko will shine in the former glory in the shirt of Roma this season, his second season in this club.

Džeko caught up with the rhythm, he adapted well in the Giallorossi and opened doors for achieving the goal he set at the beginning of the season. Apart from goals, Džeko gives a lot to the team, which is especially important for Spalletti. Here are five reasons why Edin Džeko could mark the next season in Roma.


In his second season in Teplice (2006/2007), Džeko scored 13 goals and that was a clear indicator that this is a player of ultimate predispositions. Scouts of Wolfsburg noticed this and got down to business, the transfer was finalized and he moved to the Volkswagen Arena. First season in the Wolf’s Lair was an indication that they have brought a fantastic capital. He scored eight times and in the second season he scored unbelievable 26 goals.

That was in the season 2008/2009, he was playing fantastic and he was one of those who got the most credits for bringing the title into the city of cars. In January 2011 he moved to the Island and signed for Manchester United. He scored two goals in the first semi season, but next season he shook the rival’s net 14 times and again received big credits for the title that they won.

Two years later, he was amazing again and scored 16 goals. This season, City got to the top. In summer 2015, Džeko arrived to Rome. First season ended with disappointment. Although he was brought to score goals, captain of the BiH national team scored only eight times. However, the stats show that Edin is better in the second season.


Many players need to adapt. Without a doubt, Edin passed this period in the capital of Italy. He looks great in Roma’s matches lately and although goals are the pinnacle of a match, it must be noticed that the BiH national team player copes well with all parts of the game. In addition to this, Džeko is a big fighter and he always returned as a champion. Are goals in the past matches against Liverpool and Montreal an announcement of a great season? Will the tradition continue? We will see. Of course, nothing is certain in football, but everything points to the fact that a successful period is ahead of the leader of the BiH national team.


Edin Džeko already has a great career behind. He won trophies, he was the champion of Germany with Wolfsburg and the champion of England with Manchester City, but he is motivated to prove himself in one of the best leagues in Europe – the Serie A.

His trump card in the new season will be the experience from tough matches that he played in the shirts on the international scene and the national league. Džeko is hungry for success in the Italian league and highly motivated to prove himself. Perhaps that motivation he had during his career has propelled him to the greatness.


Scoring goals in friendly matches as well raises self-confidence and that is an important trait for success. Džeko has been raising the norm lately, and thereby raising his self-confidence. The striker of Roma runs, breaks through the enemy lines and scores goals. If you add discipline in the game and unpredictability in the attack, he certainly makes some problems for the opponent.

Support from the coach

Džeko has great support from the head of the profession Luciano Spalletti. “I am very satisfied with him,” the strategist of Roma often said. Encouragement from the top means a lot for a player, it brings self-confidence and optimism. Edin has great support from the coach and that is an additional stimulus for new goals. It gives faith and strength. It can happen to every striker to fail in taking advantage of a good opportunity, but when it comes to that, what matters is support from the bench, and Džeko has it.


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