When will the Corridor 5C be completed?

autoput nakavPrime Minister of FBiH Fadil Novalić recently commented on the construction of highways.

Section Sarajevo-Zenica and further towards Doboj and Svilaj is on the border of justifiability according to the traffic of motor vehicles, while the section towards Mostar and Ploče does not meet economic criteria, which is clearly visible because no one is willing to finance it.

“It is not fair to call the construction companies ‘mafia’. When it comes to highways, there is no road which is cost-effective, but what should we do? Drive through meadows? If excise taxes are adopted, we will finish the motorway in 6-7 years,” Novalić said.

Chairman of the Presidency of BiH and leader of SDA Bakir Izetbegović announced optimistically the next year, stating that a lot of work will be done in 2017 and that the FBiH will be the oasis of work. However, construction of the corridor has been stopped for months now.

“There is one condition for construction of the highway, and that is the second excise tax. The motorway is not built by parties and government, but by money. In our surroundings, gas is more expensive and that is why everyone builds motorways. It is shameful that only 120 kilometers of highway have been built so far and the solution to that is the increase in excise taxes,” claims Novalić.


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