Will Blood Type be labelled on Driving Licenses?

Traffic accidentWhen a traffic accident occurs, one of the most important factors in taking care of the injured ones is the time or speed of providing help to the injured. This is especially important in cases of profuse hemorrhaging.

Speaking of this, during a debate on amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety, a delegate in the national parliament Nermina Kapetanović proposed the adoption of a provision according to which blood type of the driver would be mandatorily labelled on driving licenses.

“Such provision has been a standard in the countries of the European Union for a long time now. This very important information is not only on driving licenses, but on all other personal documents as well,” said a doctor in the Emergency Service Sarajevo Melita Stanić, adding:

“When an injured person is being treated, every input is welcome and helps us to provide the necessary help as efficient and as good as we can. This especially refers to situations when the injured person is losing a lot of blood and in that case such an information means a lot. Generally, when we do not know the blood type, we give zero type blood to the injured person because everyone can receive that blood type. However, it is much better and more efficient when we exactly know the injured person’s blood type.”

Given that labelling one such information on driving licenses and in all personal documents should not be a complicated procedure, it is reasonable to expect that the initiative by the delegate Kapetanović will be supported in the parliament.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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