Will BiH get Embassies in New Delhi, Moscow, Brazil and Addis Ababa as Yugoslavia Successor Country?


Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, the successor states of the former Yugoslavia (SFRY), even though it has been 19 years, have not yet fully implemented the Agreement on Succession Issues, which committed themselves to a fair division of property.

Zagreb Agreement As Adnan Hadzikapetanovic, secretary of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs and authorized representative for the implementation of Annex B of the Agreement on Succession Issues, confirmed for Avaz news portal, the Joint Committee on the Distribution of Diplomatic-Consular Property should have a meeting in February in Sarajevo on the allocation of four large embassy complexes of the former SFRY located in New Delhi, Moscow, Brazil and Addis Ababa.

“However, we have not yet agreed on anything concrete. We are awaiting confirmation of the new BiH Council of Ministers on the possible appointment of new members of the succession commissions. At the last meeting in Zagreb last December, the Joint Committee agreed that architects should come to these sites and determine exactly who belongs to the yards and buildings,” he explains.

Assessment of the situation This, Hadzikapetanovic believes, will significantly contribute to the assessment of the situation so that a realistic picture of the next steps will be discussed at the Sarajevo meeting.

An interesting case, he explained, is the embassy complex in the center of Addis Ababa, used by Serbia today.

The object was allegedly donated to Emperor Haile Selasia by Josip Broz Tito, former president of the former SFRY, at one time.  However, BiH, as well as other successor countries, cannot come up with a document confirming this.

As for the Embassy in Russia, Hadzikapetanovic says BiH has already sent a letter to Moscow about the possible division of the complex, which, like those in Ethiopia, India and Brazil, is wanted by all successor countries.

“I hope that at the Sarajevo meeting we will reach conclusions that will pave the way for resolving the distribution of these four complexes,” concludes Hadzikapetanovic.



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