What will BiH get with the Construction of the Highway A1?

The Highway A1 is part of the Pan-European Corridor 5C, which should pass through BiH from Svilaj on the north to Zvirovici to the south.

The realization of this project would result in a new economic swing, from the employment of new workers, through the strengthening of construction, metal, wood and IT industry, the development of road transportation, an increase of passenger transportation as well as tourism development.

The main problem that caused the delay in the construction of Highway A1 is the lack of funds. A loan worth 860 million EUR is needed from the EBRD and the European Investment Bank for the realization of the construction.

In order for BiH to get this loan, it is necessary to adopt the Law on excise, which stipulates an increase of 0.15 BAM per liter of fuel.

The total length of the Highway A1 should be 338 kilometers, while the total value of the construction will amount to 6.9 billion BAM. The construction has started in 2001 and a total of 92 kilometers of the highway was built in 16 years.

The Highway A1 should connect following cities: Odzak, Doboj, Zepce, Zenica, Kakanj, Visoko, Sarajevo, Konjic, Jablanica, Mostar, Pocitelj, and Capljina.

Besides its importance to BiH, this highway will also have a great importance for Hungary and its economy as well as for Slavonia, whose citizens could easily and quickly travel to the Adriatic Sea.

The study that was conducted in July 2006 showed that the highway is highly profitable when it comes to traffic importance and justification of investment.

The modernization and construction of new roads are aimed to accelerate the flow of people, goods, and capital, and it turns BiH into an attractive country for foreign investment. A country cannot be considered as developed without highways and railway infrastructure. Therefore, it is necessary for BiH to construct the Highway A1 and open the necessary workplaces in that way.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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