Will BiH get a Seven Star Hotel soon?

A seven-star hotel could be constructed in BiH soon, according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

“Investors from UAE expressed their interest in projects in the field of tourism, healthcare, and bottled water. They also expressed their interest in the construction of a seven star hotel in BiH,” as stated from the FIPA.

It is unknown who expressed this interest, nor when and where the hotel would be constructed.

A bit of a problem is that this category of hotel does not officially exist, because the highest internationally recognized standard is five stars.

The myth of the seven-star hotel is linked to the famous hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. A British journalist who attended the opening of this hotel was so impressed with everything he saw that he wrote that this hotel simply goes beyond the categorization of five stars and that it should be the first seven-star hotel in the world.

Ever since then, many people actually believe that it really is seven stars hotel.

From this hotel noted that they have nothing to do with this and that they never claimed to have seven stars or used this for promotional purposes. However, they cannot stop the myth.


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