When will the Amusement Park Sunnyland be opened?

Sunnyland akta.baAt an ideal location on the Trebević mountain, on the slope that faces the city of Sarajevo, an amusement park with unique entertaining contents in the region will be opened this summer.

Amusement park Sunnyland, worth nearly 15 million BAM, is slowly getting its final shape and workers are performing last preparations that will result in full functionality of this unique facility.

Amer Ćorić from the company Dubos, the company that did the feasibility study, explained that a group of investors from several countries is behind this project.

“Also planned is the expansion of the project and this initial stage covers almost 16.000 square meters. The facility includes a restaurant with 160-180 seats, with additional 150 seats that can be placed on the terrace. Children playroom is in the lower part of the facility and main attraction is the alpine coaster with its length of nearly 600 meters,” Ćorić said.

Maximum speed that can be achieved on the alpine coaster will be 40 kilometers per hour. Speed can be modified with a lever that will be fixed on the vehicles of the roller coaster.

“This is high-quality equipment made by German manufacturer with zero tolerance to injuries of any kind, and there are still no recorded cases of a vehicle running out of tracks,” Ćorić said.

Investors intend to finish the construction works this summer. Later this week, parking with 300 lots will be finished and internal fittings have been placed. Majority of the construction works should be completed in 20 days.

“Following the construction works is a brief training of staff and opening for the public. Prices will be adjusted to the citizens of Sarajevo because we expect the majority of the guests to be from that city and its environs,” Ćorić concluded.

For the ones insterested in visiting, here is the Video

(Source: klix.ba/photo: akta.ba)

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