Will 3.200 Health Workers in Herzegovina start general Strike?


The assembly of the Government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC), which was held yesterday, ended without the adoption of the proposal for a collective agreement for health workers in this Canton, demanding an increase in the hourly rate from 2.30 to 2.45 BAM and an increase of the coefficients by 0.20.

As said after the HNC Government assembly, it was regretted that the Union of Healthcare Workers in the HNC did not accept their proposal to extend the existing collective agreement for another year.

‘’Considering that the preparation of financial documents for the next year is in progress, and the HNC initial budget draft has already been discussed at yesterday’s assembly, it is possible to realistically look at the possibilities for a certain increase in salaries for health workers, during the period of budget draft preparation, which will be discussed at the assembly on Tuesday, November 26th’’ it was announced after the assembly of HNC Government.

To recall, health workers started a strike of warning last Wednesday. The HNC government was given 10 days to respond to their proposal. Otherwise, they said, more than 3.200 workers will start general strike.

At the Government assembly, a resolution about supporting the work of health centers in the HNC with half a million BAM was adopted, in accordance with the obligations of the collective agreement which was signed with the Union of Doctors of Medicine and Dentistry.


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