Wildfires raging again near Mostar, Extinguishing difficult due to Mines

The wildfire that broke out during the day on the hill Hum above Mostar, spread in the evening. The fire has spread to the other side of Hum hill, the situation is difficult, is explained for “Avaz” from the Professional Fire Brigade Mostar.

”Fire brigades are on the ground and are doing everything in their power so that the fire does not endanger the populated areas below Hum,” the Professional Fire Brigade Mostar said.

Two teams are on the ground. The houses are not endangered for now. The extinguishing of wildfires inaccessible areas is made even more difficult because of the wind.

In the last few days Mostar has been facing a series of wildfires. Fires that are activated on Hum Hill are especially difficult to control because a large area is contaminated with mines.

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