Wildfires in Jablanica, Mostar and Stolac are still active

The fires in the area of Jablanica, Stolac and Mostar are still active, while the fire in Mitrusa in the municipality of Capljina was extinguished last night at around 3 o’clock, the Operational Center for Civil Protection of the Herzegovina-Neretva County announced.

The situation at the fire site in Mostar’s Bogodol is unchanged, and the fire in the area of Dubran is descending towards Bucici, Fena news agency reports.

So far, there is no endangered population, housing and other facilities.

The fires at the Medjine and Kvanj sites were extinguished.

The fire in the area of Stupiste and Derana in the municipality of Stolac are still active.

Grass and high and low vegetation are burning, and due to the inaccessibility of the terrain, extinguishing is impossible.

Members of DVD Stolac and the local population are extinguishing the fire.

The situation at the fire site in Jablanica is still unchanged, and with the increase in air temperature, a much more unfavorable picture is to be expected.

Fire crews are on the scene.

The fires in the Neum municipality have been extinguished, the statement said.

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