Wildfires 20 Meters from Houses in Siroki Brijeg

A fire broke out in Kocerin, near Siroko Brijeg, 20 meters from the houses, reports the BHRT reporter.

In Kocerin near Siroki Brijeg, the fire threatens the population and the situation is dramatic. The population is endangered, houses are endangered, and the most endangered ones are evacuated.

All residents are extinguishing the fire in the field. However, the wind that blows does not go in their favor.

The help of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina has also been requested, but due to the political situation, they do not have much hope.

The Civil Protection of the West Herzegovina Canton says that they have been told by the Republic of Croatia that they will probably sent help in the morning to help put out the fire.

Photo: Monika Cubela – Savic / BHRT

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