Wigermark: We’re ready to offer 500 Million Euros when Excise Taxes are adopted

The entire international community agrees that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) needs reforms, Lars Gunar Wigemark, the head of the EU Delegation to BiH, said.

At a conference on the promotion of the book “Vision 2020: Reforms in BiH – the Road to a European Future” in Sarajevo, Wigemark said that the reform agenda managed to bring BiH back on its path to the EU.

He stressed that more successful structural reforms will be more resistant, but that BiH should not give up halfway.

“We are ready to put 500 million Euros on the table as soon as the authorities adopt the agreed taxes. Now is the time to decide if these measures will be accepted. We will respect any decision of the government. The long-term goals are more important than the short-term political gain that will revive progress and make significant improvements for the lives of citizens,” Wigemark said.

The German ambassador to BiH Christiane Hohman stressed the need for a law on excise taxes to be adopted in BiH.

“Taxes are never popular, but if the excises are adopted, we will be able to continue to work and implement the vision of BiH as a member of the EU.”

The British ambassador to BiH Edward Ferguson said that pre-election campaign in BiH was premature, which is not acceptable.


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