Wigemark: The EU has patience because of Citizens of BiH, not Politicians

wigermarkHead of the EU Delegation to BiH and the Special Representative of EU, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, visited Gorazde where he and Mayor Muhamed Ramovic, among others, discussed the current situation and the improvement of the business climate.

When asked whether local communities can give additional strength to BiH on its path towards the EU, the Ambassador Wigemark answered that they can and that Gorazde is a great example of that.

“We noticed that you have a very dynamic economy and openings of new workplaces. I will recall that two and a half years ago, we from the EU together with the local authorities agreed that workplaces and economy have to be a priority,” said Ambassador Wigemark, who also noted that the meeting with the mayor and representatives of the city council, as well as the business community and youth, was held with the aim to hear how Gorazde managed to achieve to be such a successful example.

When asked how much longer the EU will have the patience for BH politicians who are creating numerous obstacles on the path of BiH towards the EU on an almost daily basis, Ambassador Wigemark, the Head of the EU Delegation in BiH, said that citizens of BiH are the main reason for that patience.

“I believe that we need to continue showing patience although we are sometimes faced with a lack of interest. However, whatever we do it is not done because of politicians in this country, since they are elected by the citizens of this country. At the end of the day, whatever we do it is because of the citizens of this country, and because of them we need to have more patience,” stated Ambassador Wigemark.

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