Wife of Donald Trump to receive Shoes from Banja Luka

Melania TrumpShoe Factory “Bema” from Banja Luka will send two pairs of shoes to Melania Trump, wife of Donal Trump, the candidate for the president of the USA.

Marinko Umičević, Technical Director of the factory, said that this is an act of support for her and her husband in the upcoming elections.

“My idea is motivated by patriotic reasons and convincement that the dirty campaign, which is led against Melania Trump and her husband, will awake the famous Balkan spite in Mrs. Trump and encourage her to engage herself in the presidential campaign even more and to enter the White House,” Umičević said.

It was stated that the Shoe Factory “Bema” will make one comfortable shoes with sole made of special memory foam so that “Melania can walk around America” without losing any of her elegance.

Second pair of shoes will be the lady pumps made of the highest quality leather, which will be specially designed for her by the designers of this company. In these shoes, Melania is supposed to victoriously enter the White House, it was stated.

(Source: akta.ba)

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