Wieninternational: Heroine Vahida Maglajlić Was Role Model for Palestinian Women

VahidaMaglajlicAustrian online journal published in the rubric ‘Women heroine’ a text about Vahida Maglajlić from Banja Luka, the only Muslim woman who was declared a national hero in the former Yugoslavia. Entitled as ‘ Vahida Maglajlić – brave heroine in the fight against fascism’ Com Press journal Wieninternational in the introductory part of the text writes that there have always existed prominent women personalities who changed the course of world history.

They fought for thier rights in a man’s world, for equal rights against every kind of denial, as well as against traditional societal atittudes and discrimination. Through thier achievements, they have set new standards. There were such women in BH  and former Yugoslavia during the time of the Second World War. In the predominantly patriarchal society, it was not belived that women were capable for big achievements. Due to the tradition and conservative worldviews at that time, women were focused on family, rather than on personal improvement. But, one woman has proved that it can be different. That woman was Vahida Maglajlić.
She was called a fearless angel, and Wieninternational states that Vahida Maglajlić originated from a wealthy, educated and well situated family from Banja Luka. Soon, she felt that she could not be satisfied only with the role of house wife and that was not the her only mission in life.  She became a member of a women movement at an early age. Her energy and power were inexhaustible.
Wieninternational states that her energy came to the fore especially in the year 1941, when in Banja Luka and in the entire country people were getting prepared for an uprising aginst the accupying forces, so people needed help and support. She was arrested, investigated and tortured for a long time by fascists.  She died on 1st April 1943.
The text states that the unbreakable will of Vahida Maglajlic on fight aganist fascists crossed the boarders of the former Yugoslavia, and she became a model for Palestinian women.  Her  courage and self-determination inspired Palestinian Helou Mohamed to draw up a brochure with her photo to serve as an example to Palestinian Women’s Liberation Movement, states Weininternational.
Vahida Maglajlić was born on 17th April 1907 in Banja Luka as the oldest daughter of ten children. She was one of the first members of the Women Movement and on 1st May 1941 she received the membership of the Communist party of Yugoslavia.  After the occupation of BiH she participated in organizing an army uprising. In 1942 she bacame a member of the Partisan movement and shortly after she started her political involvement. She died on first april 1943.

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