Why the ​majority of Patients in Bosnia lose Life when connected to Respirator?

Pulmonologist Mujo Hosic explained for “Avaz” why patients with coronavirus who are connected to a respirator mostly lose the battle for life.

He cited the phenomenon of cytokine storm as a reason, which results in severe inflammatory changes in the body.

”Medical so-called, a cytokine storm, occurs when the body does not act defensively but acts excessively on a foreign body. This time it’s a coronavirus. In this excessive action, the organism begins to destroy itself, and in the lungs, where gases are exchanged, alveoli of bubbles then begin to form. Edema is created which prevents the entry of oxygen into the bloodstream, there is a blockage of blood vessels in the kidneys and other organs and soon there is a failure of vital organ systems in the body,” says Hosic.

The lungs, he warns, quickly fill with fluid with the appearance of a cytokine storm, and there is nothing that the respirator can help because the lungs are not clean and the flow of air is blocked.

Well, in medicine, when nothing can be done, you still try to save a life, but you know that it probably won’t work.

Hosic adds that all this happens when the virus attacks both lungs and where there is no free surface where gases are exchanged, and then it doesn’t matter what is put.

”Theoretically, the apparatus that America has could help here. It is an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. This device goes outside the lungs and blood passes through it, which receives pure oxygen and returns to the body. Respirators, says Hosic, are a fantastic thing in accidents where the lungs are completely preserved, and only the breathing center is disturbed, so the patient needs to breathe artificially. And, in the case of coronavirus, the lungs are damaged and the respirator helps little or not at all.”

To use a respirator, the structure of the lungs must be preserved, which unfortunately, in this case, is impossible because it is known that the coronavirus attacks the lungs directly.

Patients with coronavirus who end up on a respirator are mostly in the thermal phase of the disease and no one is protected there anymore. He can be young and of “pure” health, but if his lungs have been damaged, if they have been hit by a cytokine storm, that is dangerous, Hosic added.

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