Why do those who end up on Respirator in Bosnia and Herzegovina do not survive?



Maja Gasal – Vrazalica, director of the Academy for Women, asked several questions to the authorities in the health system of our country on Facebook. Apparently, we will hardly get answers to those questions soon. We quote her status in full:

”To whom we should ask the questions that are all over Facebook, but concern health in the Sarajevo Canton and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Who are the people and addresses that we as citizens can turn to and rightfully ask for verified information and facts, because we finance the system?

The higher the number of infected and dead people, the higher the number of questions to which no one gives us an answer, the number of misinformation, theories, etc, Fokus news portal reports.

It all comes back to us once again – it’s our fault. I can accept the fact that we should be blamed for developing conspiracy theories and not following the basic measures (wearing masks and keeping distance), but is it really true that people die only because of disrespect of these measures?”

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