Who Will Play With Vedad Ibišević at Shooting Contest?

vedad-ibi?evi?While the euphoria is still ongoing in B&H due to the placement of the B&H football team in the World Cup 2014, a competition is coming soon that will allow football enthusiasts to demonstrate their skills in a different way.

The competition is called Red Bull ŠutFest, and it will be under the watchful eye of the B&H player Vedad Ibišević, who scored the decisive goal in the match against Lithuania.

Practicing a good shot does not have to be limited exclusively to the space between the goal posts and crossbars on the football field. Red Bull ŠutFest provides an opportunity to all those interested to show their talent by hitting different ‘targets’ that they choose. It can be a window, container, and hole in the wall or something else entirely. It is only important to be precise, attractive and original.

The application procedure is simple. A filmed creative precise shot (done outside of a football field) is to be uploaded to Youtube and the link with information (name, last name, contact number, city and date of birth) should be sent to the email

A large number of applications have already arrived for this competition, and it will take place on Wednesday, 27 November 2013.


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