Who receives the highest Salaries, which Professions are the most wanted in B&H?

Posao.ba Report klix.baWeb portal Posao.ba yesterday published the data on the situation at the employment market for 2014.

Nearly 10.000 job advertisements have been published, and almost 20.000 open jobs were advertised. In comparison to 2013, an increase in the number of advertisements by 10 percent is recorded, and it is assumed that nearly 18.000 persons found a job via Posao.ba in the period from January to December 2014.

The most wanted professions have not changed in the past several years, although there are few novelties. The profession of trader/salesman is in the first place, and the novelty is that call operators and project assistants found themselves among top ten professions for the first time.

The largest job market was focused on the Sarajevo region, and more than 35 percent of advertised jobs referred to Sarajevo. Following the capital city of B&H were Banja Luka with 11 percent, Mostar, Tuzla and Bijeljina.

The most wanted skills were computer skills (36%), English language (34%), and German language (11%), which appeared as a significant wanted skill for the first time. Other skills include responsibility, flexibility, communication skills, and the like.

The most wanted jobs were in the sectors of sales, production, catering, informatics, banking, transport, storing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction.

The deficient categories of jobs for which the offer of jobs was higher than demand in 2014 were informatics – software, agriculture – fishing – forestry, security services, craft services, and tourism.

The managers were among the highest paid professions with an average monthly net wage amounting to 1.637 BAM. Among the highest paid professions in the category of ten most wanted professions during 2014 were programmers (1.317 BAM), construction engineers (1.159 BAM), and loan officers (1.050 BAM).

(Source: klix.ba)

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