Who is the Boy on the most popular Chocolate in Yugoslavia?

Since the chocolates Braco (Little Boy) and Seka (Little Girl) started being produced (1957), more than 1.5 billion of those chocolates were sold in the former Yugoslavia.

Face of one little boy named Dan Babić was once on the wrapper of the chocolate, instead of the illustration.

In 1988, the photographers “discovered” that six-year-old boy in one kindergarten. However, he was only interested in playing.

“It was autumn, I started going to school. I came home one day and my mother Nada told me that some people want to take photo of me for the Braco chocolate. I was surprised, even more because, if I ate chocolate, I ate the Braco chocolate. I remember mother prepared a red vest for me. I was first in the line and the little girl Tea Agbaba was behind me. She was selected to be on the Seka chocolate.”

Dan signed a contract with Zvecevo in the amount of 126 Deutsche marks and the first chocolates with his picture started being sold in 1990.

In time, the photographs of Dan and Tea were replaced with illustrations, but no one of his friends ever forgot Braco.

Dan Babic lives in Porec. He said he will certainly apply if Zvecevo decides to make Deda (Grandpa) chocolate.

(Source: nezavisne.com)

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