Who are the Most Successful Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina? (video)

At the National Theater in Tuzla, a ceremony of the award ceremony was held in May for the Super Woman. Awards are presented to successful women who are active in the world of entrepreneurship, politics, culture and science.

Among the twenty-seven ladies are the best: chess players Nadina Mahmutbegovic, Amra Sakusic, basketball player Marica Gajic, entrepreneur Ajla Huremovic, student Matea Brandalik, Dr. Ermina Iljazovićc, Director of Srebrenica Health Center Vesna Jovanovic, entrepreneur Jasna Alic, entrepreneur Tanja Juric Georgiev, nutritionist Marizela Sabanović, academic painter Zehrina Karic, project manager of the German Robotics Center – DKR Jasmina Numanovic Stjepanovic, modern music artist Emina Vejzovic, entrepreneur Ismet Halilovic, actress Meliha Fakic, physician Mirjana Remetic, doctor Alma Kulenovic, journalist Amila Zonic, entrepreneur Sanja Stanisic, psychotherapist and writer Vahida Djedović, architect Dragica Tesic, television director Jasna Kapetanovic, entrepreneur Fahrudin Kabil, musician and singer Sonja Schmitz, doctor Alma Dizdarevic, entrepreneur Dragana Berberovic, entrepreneur and holistic nutritionist Irema Sivcevic.

All of the successful women highligted the importance of mutual interconnection, but they also pointed out that they were successful thanks to their families, husbands and children.

The Contemporary Women’s Festival has gathered this year the most successful women from around the world who spoke about current social processes in politics, business, diplomacy, culture and science.

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