Who are Bosnian Owners of Luxury Yachts on the Adriatic Seaside?

To own a yacht has always been considered as a symbol of prestige, luxury and power, and only “very few” Bosnians and Herzegovinians can boast with this kind of privilege.

On the Slovenian coast is anchored yacht of Dr. Rusmir Mesihovic, a former member of SDP in the Parliament of FBiH, former Minister of Healthcare of the FBiH and former General Director of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo. Mesihovic also owns several real estates in Slovenia, and he allegedly bought this 25 meters long yacht last year for about 2 million BAM. Mesihovic allegedly had one that was four meters shorter before this yacht.

Another BH politician has his own yacht – President of the Association for a Better Future (SBB), Fahrudin Radoncic, and he owns 24 meters long and six meters wide yacht named “Haya”, which is anchored in the marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat. Radoncic’s yacht has a somewhat older date of production – it was produced more than 15 years ago.

Numerous wealthy Herzegovinians, who are living in Croatia, also own yachts. One of them is Dubravko Grgic, president of the “Agram” group, who, several years ago, praised to possess 6 million EUR worth yacht.

Dino Merlin and Zeljko Bebek, songwriter Goran Bregovic, former football player and representative of BiH, Elvir Bolic, former basketball player Damir Mrsic and many others who love to enjoy on their yachts.

In Breli in Croatia are anchored yachts that belong to businessman Nihad Imamovic from Sarajevo and owner of the company “Cisco” Haris Pinja. Football coach Vahid Halilhodzic as well as Mirsad Spike, Director of FC “Zeljeznicar”, also have their own yachts that are anchored in Promajna.

However, believe it or not, yachts are much more expensive to rent than possess. However, this does not represent a problem for the most well-known Bosnian jet-setter Sanela Jenkins, who enjoys every summer on the Mediterranean Sea on luxurious yachts that attract jealous looks even in ports like the one in Cannes, where many Hollywood stars “park” their water pets during the movie festival. Last summer, Sanela traveled along the Adriatic Sea with her friends, and she anchored in Neum port on a 50-meter long three-floor yacht “Liberty”.

Many other citizens of BiH own their yachts, but most of them do not like to expose themselves in the media. They keep their privacy far from the public and only a few of them were “reckless” and allowed photographers to record them while cruising on their luxury pets.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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