White Waters in Praca: Heaven on Earth for Tourists, Adventurists and Hunters

There is no better ambient for rest and relaxation than White Waters. Everyone who spends a weekend on this “heaven on Earth” on the Kriva Draga in the municipality of Pale in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) where the mountain air and dense forest make the summer heat easier to handle.

The tourist complex is about 20 kilometers away from Gorazde and 70 kilometers away from Sarajevo, Nedim Alagic, the owner of the complex “White Waters” explains to portal

Time and effort were necessary to bring life into these abandoned parts. Few remember how this area once was overgrown with shrubs and trees and once was wildness, without life. Today, as before, one of the few permanent residents is the owner of the complex. First, a hunters’ lodge was built and then a restaurant and then everything came “one by one”. Credits, investments and good ideas made a wonder of this once-deserted area a wonder. Alagic was granted a 30-year concession and created one of the most beautiful tourist complexes in BiH.

Clean Air and Colors of Nature

Many come here to breathe fresh air, both during the summertime and during the wintertime and especially during colder days. Halfway from Gorazde to White Waters is the exit from the dense fog, which seems to have covered the entire city, and the first view of the nature, which is beautiful. Both the owner and the visitors describe White Waters as such. It’s hard to say whether it’s more beautiful here during the winter or the summer, when the mountain landscape is colored in green, red, blue, purple…

In the middle of that “heaven”, in the mountain home, is a restaurant with the best specialties. There are bungalows and a luxury motel. And that’s not all. More is being constructed.

“We did the bungalows in a mountain style, they have everything that’s necessary and, what’s most important, they offer the guests the opportunity to rest. The motel is also modernly equipped. People come here often, because of the nature, to rest, or to hunt. They come from Germany, Austria, Sweden. Not only our people come here, but also foreigners,” Junuz Bico, the “alfa and omega” of White Waters, a man who is also there for everything, says.

Traditional food is the main food in the restaurant and everything is domestic and of good taste. Some of the food includes hunted meat when it’s hunting season, considering the fact that this land is also attractive hunting ground where various types of animals and birds can be hunted. There’s also various healing plants, mushrooms and various fruits and vegetables.

Guests from Gorzade come every week. They rest from everyday responsibilities, but also come for the pools, which have a small capacity but are nonetheless rare here. Besides the pool in Ustikolina, which is also small, the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton and Gorazde have no other pools so tourists which don’t want to be in the icy Drina River flock to these places. And when they come once to White Waters, they always return.

New Bungalows

“We’re rebuilding a part of the complex that was destroyed by the snow, so now, there are several apartments there. People love coming here because it’s all natural. And everything here is made of natural materials,” the owners say.

White Waters is a place where many sports teams come in order to conduct preparations and it’s especially attractive to hunters since this land is rich with various types of animals. White Waters got its name from the natural water, which is packed close to here and sent all across the country and abroad.



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