Which Symbols of Sarajevo will be renovated soon?

Director of the Institute for the Construction of Canton Sarajevo Mirza Hulusic and the Mayor of the City of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka agreed on restoration and renovation of facilities in the capital city of BiH.

The projects that should be started in the near future are Barracks Jajce and conservation for the needs of investment in reconstruction, as well as the beginning of reconstruction of the old Bistrik station.

They also discussed the project of the construction of the city bypass in the segment of tunnel Kovaci and part of the road that is passing by the City Hall, as well as the beginning of the construction of the Square of BiH.

Moreover, they discussed cooperation on the construction of the Ars Aevi Museum in Sarajevo.

The building of the old Railway Station in Bistrik was proclaimed as a national monument in 2006 by the decision of the Commission to Preserve National Monuments of BiH, which is the reason why numerous institutions received certain obligations to ensure the preconditions for renovation and preservation of the national monument.

On the other side, the devastated facility of the former barracks Jajce on Vratnik is not used or maintained for about 20 years.

The walls on this national monument of BiH are destroyed. The building almost has no roof, although numerous citizens stated that it was the most beautiful building in the competition of centuries-old buildings in Sarajevo.

“The Institute for the Construction of Canton Sarajevo will organize meetings with all the mayors of municipalities and the mayor of the city of Sarajevo, with the aim to find a common position, make a plan of activities that will be aimed at providing funds for the future arrangement of construction land in the city of Sarajevo. All of this will be conducted with the aim to solve the burning issues in the Canton Sarajevo, and some of them include water reductions, traffic jams, resting traffic,” as noted in the statement by the Institute for the Construction of Canton Sarajevo.

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