Which Country invested the most in B&H in 2014?

investmentsTotal foreign direct investment (FDI) in B&H, in the period from January to September 2014, amounted to 554.5 million BAM.

According to the Central Bank of B&H (CBBH), most of the money, approximately 186.3 million BAM,  was invested by – Russia! It was followed by Britain with 110.9 million BAM, than Austria with 49.4 million BAM and Luxembourg with 43.6 million BAM invested in our country.

Apart from these countries, most of the money in B&H last year brought the investors from Croatia, 38.5 million BAM, 21.4 million BAM from Switzerland, Netherlands invested 21 million BAM, Kuwait 20.9 million BAM and 20.5 million BAM from Slovenia.

Investments in the year before, 2013, looked quite different. A country which invested the most in B&H in 2013 was Serbia (62 million BAM), than UK (56 million BAM), Austria (51 million BAM), Switzerland (44 million BAM) and Germany (40 million BAM).

According to the Central Bank of B&H, the most important country investors in B&H in the period from May 1994 to December 2013, are following: Austria with one billion and 329 million EUR, Serbia with a billion and two million EUR, Croatia with 733 million EUR, Slovenia with 499 million EUR, Russia with 343 million EUR, Germany with 333 million EUR, Switzerland with 273 million EUR and Netherlands with 206 million EUR of foreign direct investment.

However, economists are warning that our country has not had any really significant investment, and there is no indication that something concrete will happen any soon.

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