Which countries voted “for“ and which were Abstained during the voting on the Resolution on Srebrenica

UN Security Council

The resolution on Srebrenica, whose draft was submitted by Great Britain to the Security Council of the UN, was not adopted yesterday.

Russia vetoed it to the great disappointment of numerous members of the Security Council of the UN, particularly Great Britain, France and the USA.

In order for resolution to be voted, a two-thirds majority was needed, i.e. approval by nine out of 15 members of the Security Council of the UN, without a veto.

Great Britain, USA, France, Jordan, Cha, Spain, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand and Chile voted “for”.

These countries supported all nations of B&H on their path towards the reconciliation. Also, their representatives repeatedly spoke on the session about monstrous events in July 1995 in Srebrenica and numerous problems faced by survivors of Srebrenica today.

Nigeria, Angola, Venezuela and China were abstained during the voting.

Some representatives of these countries said in their reasoning that the British Draft Resolution on Srebrenica was not harmonized enough so its adoption would be counterproductive.

Only Russia voted against the Resolution on Srebrenica. Their representative in the UN, Vitaliy Curkin, said that Russia supports investigations of all crimes committed in B&H.

“A Draft Resolution is not legitimate because only one side is emphasized, i.e. one culprit. Due to that, the resolution is not educative, and it should be”, said Curkin.

(Source: klix.ba)

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