Which Assets does the Candidate for BH Presidency Fahrudin Radoncic have?

Most of the candidates for members of the Presidency of BiH from all three nations, according to the property records they submitted to the Central Election Commission of BiH, can generally boast with large amounts of money, as well as a number of real estates in their possession.

The candidate of SBB Fahrudin Radoncic filed a dividend in the CEC that amounts to 3,579,662 BAM, as well as a transfer of the ownership stake in the amount of 9,010,000 BAM.

When it comes to real estates, he reported a house and land plot in Donja Vogosca, on the area of 4,166 square meters, which is owned by his ex wife Azra and its value is estimated at 70,500 BAM. His ex-wife is also the owner of a house and land in the same place on a surface of 24,749 square meters, whose value is estimated at 160,000 BAM. Moreover, Radoncic noted that his ex wife is the owner of the land on a total area of 48,271 square meters whose value amounts to 272,486 BAM.

Radoncic himself noted that he personally owns the land in Plav and Donja Vogosca on the area of 11,210 square meters, whose value was estimated at 170,000 BAM. Furthermore, Radoncic stated that his ex wife owns the apartment in the area of the Municipality of Center, whose value was estimated at 161.978 BAM.

Radoncic also reported that he owns real estate in Porto Montenegro in Montenegro and three apartments and five garages with the total value of 7.768.375 BAM. Moreover, his son Irhad owns an apartment and a garage in Porte Montenegro whose value is estimated at 1.329.400 EUR.

When it comes to ownership in companies, Radoncic noted that his ex wife is the owner of Avaz, whose founding capital was 13.9 million BAM. She is also owner of Avaz-roto Press company, whose capital is 818,150 BAM.

As stated, Radoncic is the founder of DA-Press, and his son Irhad owns PM Company with headquarters in Tivat. Radoncic further noted that he has a monthly salary of 4,795 BAM with additional 834 BAM as a deputy in the House of Peoples in the PABiH.

(aSource: D./Klix.ba)

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