Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina on Gallup’s List of Law and Order?

More than two-thirds of people in the world said they felt safe during the night walk, according to Gallup Analytica, Global Law and Order. A total of 68.0 percent of people said they trust the local police.

Every eighth inhabitant of the world, according to this survey, has been confronted with robbery, either of his or his family members’ property. About 6.0 percent said they were assaulted or abused last year.

According to Gallup, the numbers are largely unchanged from 2017. In explanation how the law and order survey is conducted, Gallup states that they compose positive answers to four questions in this area and that the higher the score, the greater the proportion of the population who feel safe.

The index of laws and rankings in the world for 2018 is 81 out of a possible 100. The results this year range from the safest Singapore with the index 97 to the least secure Afghanistan (index 38).

Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the middle of the list with a security index of 80. According to the research, the situation is slightly better in Croatia (index 83), Serbia (index 81), Kosovo (86), and the best situation according to this analysis is in Slovenia, which it has an index of 89.

Montenegro is weaker than BiH (76), Northern Macedonia (78) and Albania (79), News Agency Patria reports.

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