Where in BiH is Public Revenue mostly collected?

March 25, 2019 10:00 AM

The Republika Srpska tax administration last year collected a total of 2.44 billion BAM on public revenues, representing a record collection since the establishment of the Tax Administration.

The collection of public revenues in RS last year was higher by four percent than in 2017, ie it was charged by 87.3 million BAM more, data from the Republika Srpska Tax Administration state.

In the same period, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has collected 5.18 billion BAM of public revenue.

Compared to 2017 this was an increase of 362,114,860 BAM or 7.51 percent. According to the FBiH Tax Administration data, the highest public revenues in FBiH were collected in Sarajevo, hence 1,914,275,443 BAM.

Public revenue is taken from taxes, contributions, duties, fees, public debt…


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