When will the Ski Trails on BH Mountains be ready?

Since Tuesday, the snow is falling on almost all BH mountains and cannons for artificial snow have been activated on Jahorina and Ravna planina.

The administration working on monitoring of ski conditions hope that ski paths will be ready on Saturday. On Ravna planina, the ski trail has been extended for five kilometers compared to last year and the length is 12.5 kilometers now.

On Jahorina Mountain, the snow is still falling, and thanks to the low temperatures, the conditions for artificial snow cannons are met.

Organizers hope that the winter conditions will be maintained and that the skiing slopes may soon be in operation.

To recall, this year on Jahorina Mountain, five new ski trails were made and in that way, the tourist and sports offer of this mountain was enriched.

On Vlasic Mountain, the ski conditions have not been met. The official opening is scheduled for December 21st, and if conditions are met, the trails will be put into operation earlier.

The situation on Bjelasnica Mountain is the same.





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