When to expect New Government of Canton Sarajevo to be formed?


A new government in Sarajevo has yet to be appointed, and the procedure could be extended because the Election and Appointment Committee of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly did not give its approval for the appointment, Klix.ba news portal learns.

The Sarajevo Canton Government Appointment Commission met on Friday, with four out of seven members voting against the nomination, and most of the objections were due to the individual names of the proposed ministers.

Namely, the opposition in the Assembly of the Canton of Sarajevo has a majority in the Nomination Committee and this will represent a problem for the new majority in the coming period, that is, it will slow down the whole process.

Bilbija Kerla (DF), Zvonko Maric (SBB) and Mirza Celik (SDA) voted to nominate new ministers for the new government.

The nomination was voted against by Commission President Elmedin Konakovic (NiP), Vibor Handzic (Our Party), Amra Junuzovic-Kalic (NBL) and Segmedina Srna-Bajramovic (SDP).

As Klix.ba finds out, most of the objections were due to the proposals of certain minsters, and above all because of DF’s Goran Mackic, for whom the members of the committee who were against said that he was an inadequate candidate, owned a pub in Banja Luka and that it was questionable how competent he was to lead the economic sector of the richest canton.

Also, there were objections to some of the other suggested names.

What now remains of the new majority?

Now all they can do is schedule a session of CS Assembly and appoint a new commission, where the majority will be members of the future government. How long this process will take now is uncertain, but it means that the whole process will be prolonged, and thus the adoption of the 2020 budget.



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