When the Responses on EC Questionnaire will be finalised?

The BiH Council of Ministers, at a session scheduled for November 13, should review the Information on the current state of preparation of the responses to the additional questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire, proposed by the Directorate for European Integration (DEI).

The DEI spokeswoman Marina Kavaz-Siručić told FENA today that the contributions of the competent institutions for the preparation of the full responses of the BiH working group in the coordination system are being finalized.

“Out of the 35 working groups, 30 of them completed their job either that they have verified all the responses, or that they have excluded the responses on which content they could not reach consent. It is also expected that the remaining working groups would complete the work as soon as possible, after which the Commission for European Integration would deal with the non-finalized responses,” explained Kavaz-Siručić.

In her words, communication in the working groups took place continuously in the form of meetings, video calls, e-mails, depending on the scope of the task and the preferred way of working within the group.

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