What will be the Price of Ride with the New Cable Car to Trebevic Mountain?

April 3, 2018 8:00 AM

After PE Sarajevo presented prices of tickets for the Trebevic cable car at the session of the City Council of the City of Sarajevo last week, it remained unclear who will belong to the loyalty program and pay 6 BAM for the return ticket, and who will be considered as a tourist and pay 20 BAM for return ticket. The director of the company that is responsible for the cable car Esad Tanovic said that all citizens of BiH will pay 6 BAM, and the others will pay 20 BAM.

“Everyone who shows the ID card or some other identification document, will be able to buy beneficiary ticket. We are not police officers, we do not need a document that shows the residency in BiH. Whether it is a membership card in FC Zeljeznicar or a monthly tram ticket, it does not matter. Everyone else will pay 20 BAM for the ticket,” said Tanovic.

When asked whether foreign citizens who currently live and work in BiH can be included in the loyalty program, Tanovic  noted once again that only residents can have the privileged position.

“Residents are people who live here, work and pay taxes,” said the director of PE Sarajevo.

To recall, in the proposal of economists of PE Sarajevo was noted that the one-way ticket will amount to 4 BAM for the local population, 15 BAM for foreigners, 6/20 BAM for pets, 8/30 BAM for bicycles, while the ticket for children up to 7 years of age will be free of charge.

On the basis of the presented proposal in the year of 2018, revenues in the total amount of 1,630,000 BAM are expected, expenditures should amount to 1,613,000 BAM and a positive result of 16,085 BAM. It is expected that 300,000 people will visit the cable car on an annual basis, of which 80 % local population and 20 % foreigners.

The upper station of the Trebevic cable car will be named after Ramo Biber who was the guardian of the cable car and the first victim of the aggression on Sarajevo. Biber was killed on March 2, 1992.

Trebevic cable car will be put into operation on April 6.

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