What was concluded at the Meeting of Chancellor Merkel and Chairman of CoM?

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Denis Zvizdic, met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

They discussed some of the most recent topics including the improvement of bilateral relations, the European path of BiH, the Berlin Process and regional issues of the Western Balkans region.

Chairman Zvizdic thanked for the invitation and noted the importance of this visit, especially because of the fact that Germany is one of the key factors for the new European approach to BiH. He also expressed his gratitude to Chancellor Merkel for her personal engagement, as well as the engagement of the Federal Republic of Germany in starting of the German-British initiative, which unblocked the process of European integrations and accelerated the European perspective of BiH and the entire Western Balkans. He added that the Berlin process managed to start a lot of activities that are already affecting the life in BiH because our country received the largest number of projects in the sector of transport infrastructure, with the support of leaders of the EU.

He emphasized that the European and NATO path, economic stability, the rule of law and security will remain priorities of BiH. Chairman Zvizdic noted that BiH will remain firmly committed to the establishment of good and friendly relations with neighbouring countries as one of the important aspects of the process of stabilization and association. He added that all of us in the Western Balkans region have to find a way that will witness the progress on the EU integration path in the upcoming period.

Chairman Zvizdic also noted that bilateral relations with Germany are very good, and added that Germany is our most important partner and that the trade between the two states shows positive results.

Chairman Zvizdic thanked Chancellor Merkel for her warm welcome.

Chancellor Merkel retreated that BiH and the Western Balkans have a clear European perspective and support of Germany on their path. She also added that the support of NATO integrations for BiH is unquestionable. Merkel noted that Germany is helping the economic progress of BiH, which is very important for young people to find the reason to stay in their country. She also added that cooperation between the Western Balkans countries was improved thanks to the Berlin Process and that fields of science, education and research are very important for the development of the Western Balkans countries.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)





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