What was concluded at the Meeting Crnadak – Palmer?

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak met on the margins of the Dubrovnik Forum with the Deputy Assistant to the US Secretary of State Matthew Palmer and they discussed current political situation in BiH and the region.

Palmer retreated strong US support for the Dayton Agreement, as well as the process of European integrations and continuation of reforms in BiH.

During their conversation, Palmer stated that the US want stronger development of economy and democracy in BiH, on the basis of the Constitution of BiH and the internal agreement of the three peoples and two entities. In the part of the conversation regarding relations between the RS and the United States, Palmer stated that Washington respects the RS and its role and constitutional capacity on BiH, and that arguments that the US is hostile to the RS are not true.

Crnadak noted that EU membership and regional cooperation remain priorities of the foreign-policy of BiH, but that development of relations with the United States is equally important for BiH.

“As a representative of the RS in the Council of Ministers of BiH, I believe that the RS can be completely calm with such attitudes of the US administration headed by President Donald Trump. It is very important for me that the relations between the RS and the United States are open and friendly, and that the RS, as part of BiH, is an important factor of lasting peace and long-term stability in our region,” stated Minister Crnadak.

They also discussed the negotiation process between Belgrade and Pristina at this meeting, as well as other topics that are related to the region.

This is the first meeting of the minister with Palmer since he was appointed as Deputy Assistant to the US Secretary of State, who came after Hoyt Brian Yee, as noted from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(Source: Sarajevo Times)








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