What makes Bosanska Krupa favorable for Investors?

There is almost no municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) where there is no departure of young people. There are many reasons for leaving, and the main one is the impossibility of employment. A positive example of how to keep their own, but also attract new workers is the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa, which has sold almost all plots in one business zone, where almost 700 workers work.

According to the infamous statistics of departures from BiH, the Una-Sana Canton (USC) has been leading for years, but not everything is so gray. Lately, foreign investors are increasingly deciding to start a business right here. The best example of this is the Municipality of Bosanska Krupa. What makes Bosanska Krupa a local community desirable for investors?

“It’s all industry and a private sector that brings results. People who are in business talk and negotiate and mention what kind of environment they came from and how they do business, and those are the most important things that concern us. Investments in the last 5, 6 years prove it and we are glad that the research of potential investors is done almost daily. At the time of the corona, Bosanska Krupa had a maximum of 90 people who lost their jobs. A year and a half after the lockdown, Bosanska Krupa has 10% more employees than before the corona, ” told Armin Halitovic, Mayor of Municipality of Bosanska Krupa.

Namely, a company from Germany recently opened its doors in this municipality. It is a company that deals with CNC metal processing. It currently employs 45 people, 30 women and 15 men. They say that in the upcoming period, those numbers will increase.

“Most of them are female employees and the motto of our owners is that women can save the economy of Bosanska Krupa because if one man works when one woman is hired, there are less chances that the couple will want to leave our beautiful BiH, ” said Nermin Kedic, director of the company Ringspann.

But, Bosanska Krupa still faces labor shortages. This is best illustrated by the fact that a company from this municipality recently launched an initiative that anyone who brings them a welder will get a bonus of 100 BAM, BHRT writes.


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