What is the Value of completed works by Construction Companies from BiH abroad?

The value of completed works by construction companies from BiH abroad during the nine months of this year amounts to 101,669 million BAM, recording a 13.3 percent increase when compared to the same period last year.

Of the total value of completed works during the nine months, 32.6 percent of works high construction and 67.4 percent of work on civil engineering works.

According to information by BiH Agency for Statistics, the high construction is represented mainly in the European countries, hence 99.3 percent, while civil engineering is the highest in the countries of Europe 86.9 percent, followed by 13.1 percent in Africa.

The total value of construction works in the first three quarters in Europe amounted to 92,436 million BAM, of which 32,891 million BAM refers to high and 59,545 million BAM to low buildings. In Africa, the total value of completed works amounted to 9,233 million BAM, of which 246,000 BAM refers to high, and 8,987 million BAM relates to low buildings.


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