What is the Price of the most expensive Car in BiH?

Citizens of BiH are great lovers of fast cars, and drivers who have the money are gladly purchasing some of the best vehicles in the world. The proof for that is the official data on the top 10 most expensive cars for each year in the period between 2014 and June of 2018.

According to data of the Indirect Taxation Authority of BiH (ITA BiH), an incredible amount of 12.3 million BAM was spent during this period on 50 most expensive cars and additional 2.17 million BAM was paid for taxes.

Out of those 50 cars, 24 are Mercedes, which is a proof of the great popularity of that luxury icon. When it comes to other brands, the following quantities were imported: Porsche (12), Land rover (4), Bentley (2), Ferrari (2), Audi (1), Maserati (1), Leon (1), Lexus (1), Tesla (1) and BMW (1).

Although Mercedes is the most popular brand of expensive cars, it is not the most expensive brand imported to our country. The most expensive car imported to BiH is Porsche 911 GT2 / Coupe, whose price amounted to incredible 518,538 BAM.

The indicative trend is the increase in the value of imported cars. Thus, the top 10 most expensive cars in 2014 were 1.9 million BAM worth and additional 323 000 BAM of taxes were paid for them. The top 10 cars in the first six months of the year of 2018 cost 3.22 million BAM and additional 548 000 BAM of taxes was paid for them.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)


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