What is the Number of Work Permits issued for Work abroad this Year?

March 16, 2019 6:30 PM

Since the beginning of 2019, a total of 178 work permits for work through the BiH Agency for Labor and Employment were issued, and all to carers.

The Agency does not yet have any data on Slovenia, although the queues at the Slovenian Embassy can be seen almost every day, and there is an increasing number of women.

In 2018, 1,000 Bosnia and Herzegovina citizens were employed by the BiH Agency for Labor and Employment in Germany.

The exact number of nationals employed in Germany is unknown, given that the Agency does not have data for citizens who have been hired apart of the Labor and Employment Agency.

When it comes to employment in Slovenia in 2018, almost 14,000 workers of different profiles left BiH, mostly workers in the construction sector. BiH and Slovenia have an inter-state employment agreement for all occupations. While Slovenia imports labor force, businessmen and the real sector in BiH remain without the necessary workers. Taking into account the low salaries that are not enough for life in BiH, there are more and more reasons why workers go. Employers also warn of this.

BiH is already faced with a shortage of workforce in the field of expertise such as the metal and wood industry.


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