What is the most popular Food in BiH?

Have you ever wondered what the world map would look like based on the recognizable food of each country? Exactly that kind of map was published on the Internet a while ago.

It is a map that “shows the most popular food from every country of the world”, as said in its description.

This unusual map was created with the help of Google.

Namely, the author of the map typed in the search “how to make…” and he created this map based on the suggestions for each country.

Therefore, bacon “rules” in Canada, cheese in the US, in Italy, of course, pasta, pancakes in Germany, and tea in Russia.

When it comes to our region, it is interesting that our country and Serbia are recognizable by the pie, Macedonia and Montenegro by meat pie, while the coffee rules in Croatia.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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