What is the Internal Debt of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The total internal debt of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina until June 30, this year amounted to 865,746,359 BAM and compared to the first quarter is higher by 19.06 percent or 138,582,967 BAM.

The total debt managed and for which the Federal Government is responsible amounted to 5,764,493,963 BAM and is higher than the debt in the previous quarter by 8.54 percent or 452,633,797 BAM, Biznis Info news portal reports.

The total external debt and internal debt of the Federal Government, which does not include verified liabilities for which no securities were issued, nor liabilities to employees and suppliers of the former Federal Ministry of Defense and the former Federation Army, amounts to 5,763,769,915 BAM and is higher than the debt from last quarter by 8.84 percent or 468,253,613 BAM. The federal government was introduced this week to the debt report for the second quarter of 2020.

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