Official: What is the Answer of Parajemaats?

13090568_1165010066883281_972568181_nRepresentatives of the Coordination of Independent Jemaats, or the parajemaats as they are called by the Islamic Community, addressed the public with an open letter on the occasion of the report of the Islamic Community on jemaats which joined that institution and the jemaats which refused to do so.

At the Assembly of the Islamic Community held on Saturday, the Reis ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH Husein Effendi Kavazović presented the report on achieved results after meetings with representatives of 38 parajemaats. The report stated that 14 parajemaats decided to join the Islamic Community, while 22 parajemaats refused to join.

In a press release, representatives of parajemaats which did not join the Islamic Community explained their decision.

“There is a need to explain the reasons for not signing the Protocol in the form offered by the Islamic Community to the independent jemaats. Namely, the Report did not elaborate on the request and content of the Protocol. By acting according to the Protocol, the Islamic Community demanded that the same Protocol is signed or refused to sign. The jemaat to which the Protocol was offered could not make any changes or suggestions to the content of the Protocol, but only options were to sign it with all its counts, not excluding a single one of them, or to reject signing the Protocol. Nothing could be agreed even in the count number 10 which states: Other negotiated specificities, and it remained only a dry ink on the paper,” stated the representatives of parajemaats.

Representatives of parajemaats blame the Islamic Community for making the signing of the Protocol offered by the Islamic Community a means of abolition of all activities in jemaats, as well as for not offering any kind of engagement within the Islamic Community to the members of parajemaats, although they did not request employment.

Furthermore, representatives of parajemaats also pointed out that the declaration of the Bosnian Ulema and Muslims as infidels is an absolute slander, and that this is a reason for establishing the “parallel religious institutions”.

“It is true that the independent jemaats emerged partly due to the expulsion of certain Muslims from the mosques governed by the Islamic Community, the threats made to them, unresponsiveness of the authorities in the Islamic Community towards solving those issues then, and the like. Despite this, those same jemaats generally demonstrated readiness to join the Islamic Community. Therefore, it is true that the jemaats in general, in their existing form, wanted to enter the Islamic Community, but the Islamic Community did not want to accept them.

The count 24 of the Report states that the Islamic Community will ‘consider possibilities of developing a program and establishing projects of socialization, i.e. special re-socialization for those who need it, in other words, projects of prevention of undesirable and anti-social behavior’. Due to the generality of this statement, it is not clear to whom it relates, but we know that we are not criminally active individuals, extremists, and we are certainly not terrorists,” stated the Coordination of Independent Jemaats.


Representatives of parajemaats, pointed out that they are still ready for dialogue and convergence of views with the Islamic Community.

(Source: klix.ba)

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