What is projected Inflation for the ​Next Year for Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The projected inflation for the current year, 2021, is 0.94%, while for 2022, a slight increase in inflation to 1.31% is expected, according to data from the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), collected during the March survey of the financial sector in BH.

The data indicate that inflation is not expected to accelerate and that it will remain mostly at a low level. The existing monetary policy arrangement in BH also contributes to maintaining low inflation, which is one of the preconditions for sustainable economic growth.

Since last year, the CBBH has been publishing the data from its continuous research on inflation trends on a semi-annual basis, in order to have the general overview of prices’ trends. The CBBH, in cooperation with banks and insurance companies, will continue to conduct research on inflation expectations in the country and publish the results in order to transparently communicate with the public and preserve the credibility of monetary policy.

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